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David Mordecai, President of Risk Economics, participated in an IAFE Liquidity Risk Symposium

David Mordecai, President of Risk Economics, participated in the International Organization of Financial Engineers (IAFE) Liquidity Risk Committee Event: 2005 Liquidity Risk Symposium, as the discussant of a presentation on Market Liquidity & Funding Liquidity by Lasse Pedersen of New York University.

Liquidity risk, a universal and ubiquitous risk, is viewed as the underlying driver of market bubbles and crashes, credit crises and financial contagion. At this event leading researchers in the field presented state of the art research from the emergent literature on liquidity phenomenon and their effects on markets and financial institutions. Senior industry practitioners and regulators were present to discuss relevant practical applications and implications of these findings. Topics included liquidity crises, relationship between access to funding and market liquidity, strategic and predatory trading and its market impact, as well as the role of government agencies in providing a liquidity safety net.

The Liquidity Risk Commitee (LRC) attempts to bridge the gap between different concepts of liquidity by organizing and sponsoring forums for discourse among academics, practitioners, and policy makers, and to promote the cultivation and dissemination of applied research relating to all aspects of liquidity risk that affect the stability and function of financial markets and institutions. The LRC is comprised of academics, practitioners, and policymakers involved in researching liquidity risk and its effects on market stability within the context of diverse institutional and industry settings, and in relationship to public policy.

The full day event was sponsored by JP Morgan, and held on December 1st, 2005 at Reuters, New York, NY.

David K.A. Mordecai is President and co-founder of Risk Economics, Inc., a New York City based advisory firm. Risk Economics® specializes in the application of computational economics to the proprietary development and scalable implementation of robust modeling and data analytic frameworks for valuation, strategic and systemic risk analysis, and dynamic asset-liability management.

December 2nd 2005, New York NY.

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